Der leise Blick nach innen

Nach ihrem Solo Debüt veröffentlichte Lúisa im Mai 2014 ihre erste EP. Diesmal jedoch nicht allein, sondern gemeinsam mit Band.

Die EP wurde in London aufgenommen und neben Lúisa waren Benito Pflüger (Drums, Keyboards) und David Schachtschneider (Bass) mit dabei. Produziert wurde das Ganze von Filippo Cimatti.

Introspecition enthält vier Songs und Lúisa sagt selbst über die Platte:

Inspired by the poetry of Petracra, who introduced the concept of Introspection to the poetic European culture in a profound way, I decided to choose 4 Songs of mine that represent the idea of Introspection the way that I see it.  4 Songs that form an EP foreshadowing the upcoming album, but claiming it’s own dimension.

Introspection is an expression of the observation of the own emotional and mental state as well as the process of the mind. I personally see it as a shelter as well as a threat. Being introspective you can weave a net around yourself that either protects ..or strangles you; it can make you lose yourself or recognize yourself..sometimes, paradoxically, both things at the same time.

Each song of the EP is meant to show the multilayered dynamics of being introspective.

While I was recording these songs in London at the Lightship 95 studios, the producer Filippo Cimatti ( after Petrarca the second Italian to influence the EP) and I did not only record the songs with my Band but we also talked a lot about the individual act of Introspection- mainly these conversations completed the process of creating an artistic space embedding the songs.

Besides, while traveling through Italy, I discovered a pattern on the floor of an Italian duomo that captivated me. To me it represents the process of Introspection in a very clear and symmetrical way, and it also shows the mystical, absorbing dimension of it. I took pictures of this pattern and the wonderful London-based artist Tan Cimatti, the producer’s sister, drew it for  me in a beautiful way.


Danke, an Lúisa für das Rezensionsexemplar.


CR7Z – Yuki

Die Lichteffekte und Farben im Video zu diesem Song sind immer wieder beeindruckend schön. Ich habe selten ein Licht gesehen, was so gut tut. Es ist kühl und dennoch wärmend. Es ist so angenehm, dass ich meinen Blick nicht davon lassen kann. Haben manchmal schon fast etwas Heilendes. Großartig! Yuki aus der Hydra EP von CR7Z.